About This Week in Texas History

This Week in Texas History was introduced in 1983 as a weekly column for small-town and suburban newspapers. Thirty-four years and nearly 1,800 columns later, it is the oldest and most widely read feature of its kind ever.

I started writing This Week in Texas History with the premise “everything under the Lone Star sun.” If it happened in Texas or to a Texan anywhere in the world, it’s Texas history. Those are still the words I write by today.

Any given week the story may be about politics, Texas Rangers, the arts or entertainment, Indian tribes, sports, outlaws, women, weather or natural disasters, true crime, you name it. Judging from the steady stream of letters, emails and first-person comments over the years, this soup-to-nuts variety is what folks like most about my column.

The Lone Star saga is so much more than the Alamo, San Jacinto and Sam Houston. Tune in each week to This Week in Texas History, either in your local newspaper or by private email subscription, and you will see what I mean.

Bartee Haile