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Read Two Recent Interviews With Bartee

Both the “Houston Press” and “Houstonia Magazine” interviewed Bartee in the past month or so about his latest book Texas Boomtowns: A History of Blood and Oil.  Click on the links below and read what he had to say for yourself.

New Book Spills Salacious Tales of Drugs, Hookers and Wildcatting” in the Houston Press

There Will Be Blood (and Oil)” in Houstonia Magazine.

And Here’s Bartee’s New Book, Texas Boomtowns: A History of Blood and Oil


Oil famously brought prosperity to Texas but it also gave rise to violence, brothels, bordellos, and slums.  Texas Boomtowns: A History of Blood and Oil explores the folks who took high-risk jobs in the fields and the volatile communities they formed.  This exciting new book releases November 30th.  Of course, is the only place you can pre-order a copy signed and dated by the author himself!

Bartee to Make Radio Appearance

Some big news from Bartee.  He’s making a guest appearance on Roy Holley’s “Talk about Texas” tomorrow morning (June 1st) on San Antonio’s KKYX 680AM.  Expect him to be on from 9:30 to 10:00am.  If you’re not in range of their 50,000 watt broadcast, that’s no problem.  You can listen to their internet radio stream here at their website.  Tune in and enjoy!

Welcome to the New Bartee Haile dot Com

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the new home of Bartee Haile and his popular column, This Week in Texas History.

My name’s Brett. I’m his son and web administrator and, while I won’t be posting too often, I will from time to time when there’s news about the site, not unlike today.

Here you can expect Bartee to regularly post about how Texas and Texans are currently affecting the world around us. He’ll update you on the comings and goings of his column and even drop little morsels of history right here on these pages.

Thanks for reading. Giving y’all a new, brighter and more active place to visit was our goal. We hope you enjoy!