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Thank you, Phil Collins!

Have you heard the news?  Last week singer/songwriter Phil Collins did all Texans — past, present and future — an incredibly generous favor.  Collins, who is not a Texan and has never lived in the Lone Star State, announced he is donating his entire Texana collection to the Alamo.

Now this isn’t just a bunch of stuff in his basement.  No, it is reputed to be the largest and most valuable private collection of Texas artifacts in existence.  And it is coming home to Texas!

Click on the links below and read all about it.

Singer Phil Collins to donate his collection of artifacts to Alamo

Legendary British Rocker Phil Collins Delivers Priceless Collection To The Alamo


Welcome to the New Bartee Haile dot Com

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the new home of Bartee Haile and his popular column, This Week in Texas History.

My name’s Brett. I’m his son and web administrator and, while I won’t be posting too often, I will from time to time when there’s news about the site, not unlike today.

Here you can expect Bartee to regularly post about how Texas and Texans are currently affecting the world around us. He’ll update you on the comings and goings of his column and even drop little morsels of history right here on these pages.

Thanks for reading. Giving y’all a new, brighter and more active place to visit was our goal. We hope you enjoy!