Eyewitness Report From San Jacinto Day

The annual San Jacinto Day festivities were moved to Saturday, April 26 this year and from what I could tell the turnout showed it.  I won’t win any prizes estimating the size of crowds, but my rough guess was somewhere in the range of eight to ten thousand.

Must admit this was the first San Jacinto Day I attended in person since the Sesquicentennial back in 1986.  My chief reason for going was to watch the battle reenactment, and I came away mildly disappointed. 

The fault may well be mine since I never have seen any reenactment up close and personal and probably expected too much.  Nonetheless, I see no reason to drag out an eighteen minute battle to a full hour with scenes from the “Runaway Scrape” and skirmishes of the day before the battle.

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