2 thoughts on “Now You Can Listen to the Radio Show Online!

  1. Charlie Carter

    Mr. Haile,

    I very much enjoyed listening to your radio story about the Yellowstone. I lived in Corpus during the late 1990’s and had many wonderful visits with the great Keith Guthrie, both in his home and at the museum in Taft. Your story brought back those pleasant memories.

    Best regards,

    Charlie Carter
    Montgomery, Texas

  2. Bartee

    Thank you, Mr. Carter, for the kind and generous “review” of my appearance on Roy Holley’s “Talk of Texas.” It was Roy’s idea to read one of my columns on the air, so I gave him three (of my more than 1,500!) to choose from and he picked the Yellowstone. Just so happens it is one of my favorites, too.

    Best regards – Bartee Haile

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