Texas Depression-Era Desperadoes



Product Description

Here is a brief description of Texas Depression-Era Desperadoes, Bartee’s very first book, from the back cover:

“The lives of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow started in Texas, but their stories have become legend across the country.  They, along with a band of other ne’er-do-wells from other Texas towns, grew to national infamy during the Great Depression.  West Dallas’s Ralph Fults smuggled hacksaw blades into jail to break out Raymond Hamilton.  In Galveston, the Downtown Gang, Beach Gang, Maceo brothers and others hustled and smuggled liquor for their speakeasy casinos.  In 1940, bank robber and Texas Public Enemy Number One Red Goleman led authorities on a wild chase through Texas’s Big Thicket.  But behind the headlines lived real people and a Texas legacy.  Author Bartee Haile weaves the stories of the well-known Barrow Gang, along with other notorious criminals of the day, together with their Texas roots.”

Texas Depression-Era Desperadoes is now available in various bookstores and on numerous web sites, but this is the only place you can buy a copy signed and dated by Bartee.  If you order on-line, please allow seven to ten days to receive your book.  If you order by mail, allow ten days to two weeks.  But don’t worry!  It will be well worth the wait!