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Last Elected Confederate Governor Flees To Mexico

With the Confederacy in ruins and Yankee occupation just over the horizon, on May 27, 1865 Gov. Pendleton Murrah called the legislature into special session in a futile attempt to adapt to the “new conditions of affairs.”

The last elected Confederate governor hoped to limit the price Texans would pay for fighting with the South, but the lawmakers were a no-show.  Leaving Lt. Gov. Fletcher Stockdale in charge, Murrah joined the mass exodus to Mexico but his tuberculosis caught up with him in Monterrey on August 4, 1865.

Confederates Chose Brazil Over Yankee Occupation

On December 9, 1865, Major Frank McMullan and two other Confederate officers landed at Rio de Janeiro to investigate Brazil as a possible site for a colony of Texas Rebs.

After several setbacks, McMullan returned to Brazil in the spring of 1867 with a group of 154 Texans, who preferred foreign exile over post-Civil War occupation.  McMullan succumbed to tuberculosis later that year, but many of his followers stayed in Brazil and their descendants live there to this day.