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Another Mexican President Leaves Office Feet First

In the last days of his six-year term as president of strife-torn Mexico, Venustiano Carranza was murdered on May 21, 1920 most likely by his own bodyguards.

Carranza seized power in 1914 after the dictator Victoriano Huerta was driven into exile.  Most historians believe he was assassinated by a clique of generals because of his insistence that his successor be a civilian.

San Antonio Hotbed of Mexican Exile Intrigue

That’s the title of the “This Week in Texas History” column for Wednesday, September 18 through Tuesday, September 24.  Bernardo Reyes, a general on the lam, was just one of many Mexicans who took refuge in the Alamo City during the decade-long Mexican Revolution.

The exiles’ personal stories rarely had a happy ending, and Reyes’ was no exception.  But I’ll let you find that out for yourself either in your local newspaper or by email subscription, which is available on this web site for just $20 per year.