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Small-Town Mayor Stops Railroad In Its Tracks

Emerging from an all-day meeting with representatives of the Fort Worth & Denver on May 25, 1949, Mayor T. Leo Moore refrained from declaring victory but did insist the train would continue to stop at Electra.

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Thousands Flock to See “Crash at Crush”

Fifty thousand people packed a valley 17 miles north of Waco on September 15, 1896 to watch the thrill of a lifetime — a staged train wreck billed as “The Crash at Crush.”

The head-on collision of two 35-ton locomotives showered stunned spectators with sharp shreds of shrapnel.  There were many minor injuries but only two fatalities, a miracle under the circumstances.  The railroad proclaimed the publicity stunt a great success, and Texans talked about it for years to come.