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Justice For Slave Smuggling Con Man

Monroe Edwards, a fugitive from Texas justice who made a fortune smuggling slaves before the Revolution, was convicted of a swindle in a New York City trial on June 12, 1842.

Edwards jumped bond following a forgery conviction two years earlier in Texas  and fled to England, where he masqueraded as a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto and an abolitionist.  Threatened with exposure by a Lone Star diplomat, he came back to the United States only to end up in Sing Sing.  Five years into his sentence, he died from a severe flogging administered as punishment for an escape attempt.

Provisional Governor Warns Conquered Confederates

Andrew Jackson Hamilton, provisional governor of occupied Texas, warned conquered Confederates on September 11, 1865 against being misled by “the same deadly doctrines.”

An outspoken opponent of slavery and secession, Hamilton fought on the northern side in the Civil War.  As the leader of the moderate wing of Republican Party in Texas, he butted heads with Edmund J. Davis, the Radical architect of Reconstruction, and reversed his position on giving the vote to the former slaves.