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Pike Visited Texas After Discovering His Peak

Lewis and Clark were already homeward bound in 1806, when Zeb Pike embarked on a secret mission to the Southwest.  His orders were to slip into New Mexico, analyze the economic potential of the thriving colony and pinpoint the weak spots in the Spanish defenses.

The rest of the “This Week in Texas History” column for Wednesday, February 19 through Tuesday, February 25 makes for mighty interesting reading.  If you can’t read it in local newspaper, a private email subscription is available on this web site.

Filibusterer Long Surrendered to Spanish Troops

Surrounded with no hope of victory or escape, James Long surrendered to Spanish troops at La Bahia on October 8, 1821.

Two years earlier, Long slipped into Texas at the head of a small expedition of filibusterers, mostly Mississippians and a few Frenchmen, to take the province away from Spain  Forced to flee for his life, Long returned with 300 men only to be captured and imprisoned in Mexico.  In 1822 a guard “accidentally” shot him to death in what may have been an unofficial execution.