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Dallas Dressmakers Stage Historic Strike

“Six months into the longest strike in Dallas history, dressmakers tore the clothes off the backs of replacement workers, who tried to cross their picket lines on August 7, 1935.” 

That is how the “This Week in Texas History” column for Wednesday, August 6 through Tuesday, August 12 begins.  This seldom told story of one of the most determined struggles ever waged by women workers in the Lone Star State is well worth reading either in your local newspaper or with the email subscription available on this web site.


Women Workers Go On Strike In Depression Dallas

Four hundred Dallas dressmakers, who made a fourth of what other garment workers earned in other states, joined the union in 1934.  Factory owners retaliated by firing them all.

The locked-out women started a picketing campaign of their former bosses that climaxed on August 8, 1935 with an action that attracted press coverage around the country and the world.  The picketers stripped ten strikebreakers and fought with police that tried to intervene.