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Texas Colonists Fought Round One At Velasco

The 150 colonists led by John Austin (no kin to Stephen F.) and Henry Smith were not looking for a fight with the government garrison at Velaso on June 25, 1832, but the Mexican commander took issue with the cannon the Texans were taking by boat to Anahuac.

The result was the first bloodshed of the Lone Star Revolution.  The price of victory for the colonists was 10 dead, including three who later died of their wounds, compared to five fatalities for the other side.  Nevertheless, it was the Mexicans that surrendered after running out of ammunition.

Wharton Brothers Died Just Three Months Apart

John A. Wharton chartered a ship to sail to the rescue of his brother William H. Wharton, held captive by Mexican forces at Matamoros, but had to swim ashore when boat sank in a storm on October 3, 1837. 

John discovered that William and rest of Texas prisoners had long since escaped making his dangerous rescue attempt totally unnecessary.  Prominent figures in the Texas Revolution and the Republic, the Wharton brothers died three months apart:  John from the fever at age 32 in December 1838 and William from the accidental discharge of his own gun at 37 in March 1839.