What some satisfied customers have to say about the column:

“Bartee Haile’s unique and witty take on Texas history has developed a loyal following in The Free Press.  His ability to bring alive moments in time makes us appreciate the distinctive nature of our past and remember how our great state came to be.  My children (journalists also) and grandchildren are fans of This Week in Texas History and will continue to run it in our paper as long as Bartee continues to write his lively tales of Texas. — Bob Barton, Publisher, Hays County Free Press, subscriber since 1995

“If you love Texas history told by a master storyteller, then Bartee Haile’s This Week in Texas History is the way to go.  The Tribune has run This Week for the past fourteen years and we still get compliments on the column.  Bartee covers an impressive span of Texas subjects, both legendary and lesser-known, in a column that educates and entertains readers about the Lone Star State.” — Mike Reddell, Publisher, Bay City Tribune, subscriber since 1998

West Texans, particularly Far West Texans like me, probably have a little more insight into the rapidly changing demographics of our great state.  We’ve got a lot of folks who either escaped from across the river or from the frozen tundra of the other direction.  My Dad could name the county seats of all 254 counties and as kids our education was incomplete without a good dose of Texas history.  I believe it my duty to educate these new Texans – and the old ones – about the proud history of their home.  Nobody does it better than Bartee.”  — Bob Dillard, Publisher, Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch and Martin County Messenger, subscriber since 2005

“I was first attracted to Bartee’s column sixteen years ago because of my personal interest in Texas history.  However, over the years I have discovered he appeals to more than just history buffs.  Because of the wide range of topics he covers and his very skillful presentation of the stories, his column is an addition to our paper that nearly all of our subscribers look forward to each week.” — Kenneth Miller, Editor & Publisher, Hamilton Herald-News, subscriber since 1996

“Bartee Haile’s This Week in Texas History is consistently one of the best written and most interesting features our newspaper publishes.  It’s one of the few that I actually relish reading before it goes on the page.  This guy’s good.” — Bruce Alsobrook, Managing Editor, Sulphur Springs News-Telegram, subscriber since 1988

“Our readers have thoroughly enjoyed Bartee Haile’s This Week in Texas History, and the column has brought in a number of new subscribers.  As one subscriber noted, ‘Haile’s Texas History gives the reader a different twist on some of the state’s history, something we didn’t get in high school or college history books.’” — Morris Craig, Editor & Publisher, Naples Monitor, subscriber since 2000

“The Groesbeck Journal is proud to have carried This Week in Texas History for the past 27 years.  Bartee Haile gives a positive and unique view of Texas history with a wide variety of topics from fine arts to politics and sports.  I have noticed that people of all ages appreciate the column, which is why it is one of the most popular features in our paper.” — Tom Hawkins, Editor-Publisher, Groesbeck Journal, subscriber since 1985

“Bartee has a unique way of recounting Texas’ fascinating history.  He obviously does his homework and then puts all the facts together in a way that makes you feel like you’re right there in the room with him.  And many of his columns have a Paul Harvey feel to them…Now you know the rest of the story!” – Kevin Lewis, Editor, Plainview Herald, subscriber since 2005